Our Attorneys Have Years Of Experience Taking Harassing Telemarketers and Creditors To Court. And WINNING! We Will Make Sure Your Harassment Stops, And You Can Even Recover Up To $1500 Per Call! Don’t Try To Do It Yourself! You Need Arguello Law Firm Many individuals try to stop harassing creditors or bill collectors themselves, and […]

If Your Home Has Been Damaged By An Accident, Natural Disaster, Or Other Action, You Need To Call Arguello Law Firm Now To See How We Can Help You Gain Compensation! Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes can potentially create huge losses for insurers providing first-party property and business interruption insurance. Some of […]

Have You Noticed Defects In Your Home Or Commercial Property?  Arguello Law Firm Construction Defects Lawyers Will Fight On Your Behalf So That Your Contractors Live Up To Their Agreements!  As a new homeowner or commercial property owner, you may have detected some construction defects here and there.  Structural defects and design blemishes pose a […]

Why a Houston Probate Attorney At Arguello Law Firm Is Right For You Probate administration warrants specialized legal knowledge and needs to be treated with the utmost care and sympathy.  At Arguello Law Firm, our attorneys understand that clients come see us when they are in the face of hard times in their lives.  Many […]

Arguello Law Firm Attorneys Help With Commercial Late Fees in Landlord-Tenant Disputes It’s no surprise that your landlord has the right to charge a reasonable late fee if you pay rent after the due date as per your rental agreement. If you do not pay your rent on the due date or within the grace […]

At Arguello Law Firm, our Texas debt collection attorneys develop debt recovery solutions for businesses throughout Texas. Whether you own a small business with a small amount of unpaid debt in Texas, or a Fortune 500 company with large collection affairs, we have the knowledge and experience that is needed in order to help you […]

Houston Residential Construction Defect Attorney After a long time of prepping and planning, including your home’s construction, you are finally ready to move in. Your blueprints have become reality, and your new home is ready to be enjoyed. Walking into your new home is a huge deal. It marks the payoff of months, even years, […]

Between April and September of 2013, over 5,000 businesses were paid over $1.3 billion in settlement claims.  However, since the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled, the Claims Administrator, Patrick Juneau, has paid only four business loss claims in the two months. In addition to a claim process stand-still, the Court issued a […]

Texas law treats commercial leases a little differently.  The legal question regarding commercial late fees is whether the late fee is “a reasonable forecast of just compensation.”  That is, whether the late fee is a reasonable estimate of the harm the landlord would actually suffer from the rent being paid late.  It can be hard […]

It is truly outrageous that banks and insurance companies have gotten away with this for so long. I’ve seen so many clients who are being charged 2-10 times as much in premiums for these force-placed policies which offer less coverage than regular homeowners’ policies. It’s especially troubling because those clients tend to already be in […]

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