A recent report showed that a former NFL player owes his ex-wife more than $320,000 from their child support case. According to documents from the Texas Attorney General’s Office, former Texas Tech and Kansas City Chiefs player Thomas Howard owes his ex-wife Percilla nearly 30 years worth of back child support payments for the couple’s […]

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For many couples, recovering from the holidays also means considering an end to their relationships. The end of the often-forced festivities of the holidays can launch the beginnings of divorce. Some attorneys have nicknamed January “Divorce Month,” after the high number of cases they see at the start of the year. While couples deal with […]

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that a stepfather who sought child custody of his ex-wife’s children can be liable for child support payments. The court ruled by a 3-1 margin that a stepparent who pursues the legal rights of a biological parent must also assume financial responsibilities for the children. The court’s decision in the […]

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Officers with the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs served a court order on a Montana reservation as part of an ongoing child custody battle. The officers went to the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana to serve a court order issued in Minnesota. The court order called for two boys living on the reservation with their […]

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A notable actor/comedian’s impending divorce has also revealed a bizarre child custody case involving a seven-year-old South African girl the couple raised for several years. The girl has lived with the actor and his now-estranged wife since she was six months old. The core of the dispute in the child custody case stems from the […]

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Even under the best of circumstances, divorce can be a harrowing process. From the emotional impact of a lost relationship, to the logistical nightmare of dealing with the court system, almost no aspect of divorce is easy to handle. One of the biggest issues many divorcing spouses face lies in dealing with their financial situations. […]

The sound and fury that often accompany a bitter child custody case can cause parents, attorneys and judges to lose their focus on the most vital issue: the best interests of the child. The emotional baggage that parents can carry into a child custody case can affect everyone around them. The children in these cases […]

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In a 5-4 vote, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that same-sex divorce is legal and should be recognized throughout the state. A lower court judge refused to grant the same-sex divorce, so Lauren Beth Czekala-Chatham appealed her case to the state’s Supreme Court. The five justices who voted in favor of the divorce cited the […]

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A home mortgage is often the largest single purchase a married couple can make together. When the couple faces divorce, the problems involved with a shared mortgage can be just as daunting. In many cases, the couple will agree to sell the house and split the profits. However, when one spouse wants to live in […]

No one enjoys facing the possibility of a divorce. The thought of ending a relationship you believed would last a lifetime is never a pleasant prospect. However, as you end this phase of your life, you must prepare for the next chapter. Many professionals offer services for those facing an upcoming divorce. These professionals can […]

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