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When a family is in crisis, emotions run high. The dissolution of a marriage, the arrangements for asset distribution and the scheduling of child custody and visitation rights can all be highly stressful situations. The key factor in managing the stresses involved in family law cases lies in finding the right legal professionals who can provide both technical expertise and emotional support.

A divorce is the legal dissolution of the marriage bonds between the spouses. With over 75,000 divorces each year in Texas alone, spouses rely on professional advice to manage the process. Texas couples need not show fault in a divorce case, but many judges do take faults into account when processing such cases.

Alimony is the legal obligation for one spouse to provide financial support to the other spouse before or after divorce. Also known as spousal support, alimony payments are often tied to the spouse’s income level. Texas law places a time limit on alimony payments. A qualified family law attorney can determine if you are likely to receive alimony.

Division of Assets
Texas law states that any property acquired by either spouse during the marriage is considered “community property”. For a spouse to keep his or her property after the divorce, that spouse must show that the property was acquired either prior to the marriage or that it was given to only one spouse during the marriage. Family law attorneys can discover which assets belong solely to one spouse and which ones are community property.

Child Support
When one spouse, especially the primary breadwinner, leaves the marriage, the family’s income can suffer a severe drop. The spouse that gains custody of any minor children will often rely on child support payments from the ex-spouse to maintain the household. Experienced family law attorneys can help clients figure out the amount of child support they need to provide for their children.

Child Custody
Texas courts will either give one parent sole custody of a child or both parents joint custody. Divorce court judges typically look at such factors as the child’s best interests and any history of family violence when determining custody arrangements. A Texas attorney familiar with the Texas Family Court Act can help with child custody arrangements.

Visitation & Holidays
For the non-custodial parent, visitation and holiday schedules must be arranged. Texas law covers such situations as extended holiday weekends, school vacations and if parents live within or outside of 100 miles apart from each other. Lawyers with an understanding of the intricacies of visitation rules can work with clients to determine a suitable schedule.

Prenuptial Agreements
The terms of any prenuptial agreements can be a major factor in divorce proceedings. The prenuptial agreement can dictate which assets will go to either spouse. Without such an agreement, community property decisions are left in the hands of family court judges. Texas lawyers can assist clients with drafting a prenuptial agreement and protecting their assets in case of divorce.

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