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First party property insurance policies are generally defined as a contract between an individual or business (known as the “insured”) and an insurance company (known as the “insurer”) that provides financial coverage for damages that may occur to a residence, commercial building, item or object that is listed on that policy.

This policy is often referred to as an integrated contract, which means that it includes any and all forms that are associated with the agreement between the issuer and the insured and also includes the cost for the insurance policy (known as the “premium”) and any other stipulations that are agreed to between the insurer and the insured.

If you or someone you love has filed a claim for insurance that has been denied, the policyholder may still be eligible to obtain compensation for those losses.

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Potential Sources of Damage

Due to the many different factors that can cause damage to the property of an individual or business, it’s important for policy holders to ensure that their policy covers them in the event of an unforeseen event or situation.

Some of the most common sources of property damage include:

…. Amongst many others.

With water damage being one of the most frequent causes of property damage, it’s wise to inspect your first party property insurance policy to confirm that a provision for water damage is included, as in many cases that will need to be purchased separately.

When you file a property damage claim with your insurer, an insurance adjuster will typically be in contact with you in order to settle the claim. Unfortunately, the job of most of these adjusters is to get the matter settled as quickly as possible for as little as possible. Working for large insurance companies means that adjusters will typically put the needs of the company before the needs of the consumer.

The following is a deposition of a claims adjuster that was handling one of our client’s tornado damage claim. The videos below demonstrate several faults found within the adjuster’s statements and actions.

Types of First Party Coverage

With damage claims amounting to BILLIONS of dollars in the US in 2011 alone, it’s important for policy holders to ensure that any policies that they own are able to provide enough financial compensation to replace the items that are included on that policy.

Some common types of coverage offered by insurance providers can include:

Environmental Coverage – this is generally the largest area of first party property insurance as these policies provide financial protection for damages caused by the environment, which often includes:

It’s worth noting that the pricing for these policies often depend on the geographical location of the applicant, along with any other conditions that may increase the level of risk that the insurance company may be exposed to.

Commercial Coverage – these types of policies often include coverage for many different circumstances or situations that may be encountered at a place of business.

Some of which may include:

…. Just to name a few.

Needless to say, the peace of mind that insurance coverage brings to most policy holders is very valuable; however, it’s VERY important to note that not all policies cover all areas of your property – and aside from the fact that many policies are simply not honored in the event of a claim, many policy holders are often paid less than they expect to receive when they do file a claim.

In these types of instances, we can help to fight for a fair and just compensation amount.

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