A dozen undocumented immigrants will share in a $310,000 immigration lawsuit settlement against federal agents and the City of Nashville. The immigration lawsuit settlement stems from a raid conducted by immigration officials in Nashville in 2010. The suit claimed that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents conducted a raid on a Nashville apartment building […]

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Officials with the Texas Department of State Health Services have asked a federal judge to dismiss an immigration lawsuit regarding the agency’s refusal to issue birth certificates to children of undocumented immigrants. Attorneys representing 19 immigrant parents and 23 of their children filed the immigration lawsuit after state officials refused to grant birth certificates to […]

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A Florida appeals court ruled this week that patients waive some of their privacy rights when filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. The three-judge panel of the First District Court of Appeals upheld recent changes to the state’s medical malpractice law that allowed for the waiving of a patient’s privacy rights during communications regarding a malpractice […]

A family in upstate New York was left homeless after their basement wall collapsed and their flood insurance policy failed to cover the damages. Severe flooding in the Rochester area left the Burkhart family with a huge hole in their basement wall. Fire crews told the family to evacuate the home, as the basement quickly […]

Most people are aware of the statistic that half of all first marriages end in divorce. Some other statistics about divorce may come as more of a surprise, while others may confirm some old ideas. For instance, a recent study showed that both first and second marriages had an average life span of about eight […]

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Four women have filed an immigration lawsuit against the State of Texas for refusing to grant birth certificates to the children of undocumented immigrants. The immigration lawsuit alleges that the Texas Department of State Health Services is in violation of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The amendment grants citizenship to any infant born […]

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A proposed New York medical malpractice law failed to reach the Senate floor before the end of the legislative session. The proposed medical malpractice law would have doubled the deadline for filing claims against doctors working in the state’s public hospitals. The current deadline is 15 months after the date in which the malpractice occurred. […]

A number of state insurance commissioners have expressed concerns about how insurance companies use non-insurance related data to determine their policy holders’ auto insurance rates. Several state insurance regulators are investigating the practice known as “price optimization.” This practice can cause carriers to charge higher auto insurance rates for their most loyal customers. Rather than […]

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A 2002 lawsuit filed by the State of Texas has finally been resolved with a Farmers Insurance lawsuit settlement totaling $84.4 million. State attorneys filed the lawsuit on behalf of Farmers policy holders. The Farmers Insurance lawsuit settlement stems from charges that the insurer forced policy holders to pay higher premiums while providing reduced coverage. […]

The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing for same-sex marriages to be recognized around the country has also led to a number of same-sex divorce cases. Two same-sex divorce cases involving couples who had married in other states were resolved in states that had only recognized such unions after the Supreme Court ruling. A lesbian […]

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