An immigrant advocacy group has filed an immigration lawsuit against Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The immigration lawsuit, filed by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), claims that a law Gov. Abbott signed that makes harboring undocumented immigrants a state felony is unconstitutional. The suit also names the Texas Public Safety Commission, the […]

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The Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal recently ruled that the state’s laws on medical malpractice lawsuit award caps for non-economic damages were unconstitutional. The appeals court overturned a Broward County court’s decision that enforced the laws on medical malpractice lawsuit award caps. Attorneys for the hospital targeted in the suit claim that the case […]

Insurance carriers have increased their reliance on technology and connectivity to determine how much their customers pay for their auto insurance premiums. These systems, known as “telematics”, transmit data from the policy holder’s vehicle to the insurance provider. The provider then processes this data to calculate auto insurance premiums each year. While some providers in […]

Thousands of Oklahoma residents have recently received letters from insurance carriers informing them that any earthquake insurance claim they make could be denied. The letter says that the carrier can deny an earthquake insurance claim if they find that the quake was caused by oil drilling or injection wells. Residents have experienced hundreds of earthquakes […]

The Supreme Court announced that it would hear the immigration lawsuit that 26 state attorneys general have filed against President Barack Obama regarding his executive orders from 2014. The immigration lawsuit, led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, claims that the president exceeded his constitutional authority by issuing executive orders regarding the immigration status of […]

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The parents of a three-year-old who died after a tonsillectomy filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the surgeons who performed the operations. The medical malpractice lawsuit also names the owners of the hospital, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, as a defendant. The suit alleges that three-year-old Caleb Shamrell suffered severe brain damage after undergoing a procedure to […]

For many couples, recovering from the holidays also means considering an end to their relationships. The end of the often-forced festivities of the holidays can launch the beginnings of divorce. Some attorneys have nicknamed January “Divorce Month,” after the high number of cases they see at the start of the year. While couples deal with […]

When most drivers file an auto insurance claim, the claim stems from damage due to a collision with another vehicle. But what happens when the damage comes from a storm, a fire, or falling tree? While most homeowners insurance policies include coverage for storm or fire damage, the same coverage does not often apply to […]

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, the state-operated provider of home insurance, will submit new homeowners insurance rates to the state’s insurance department for approval this month. The company’s board of directors voted Thursday to submit the new rates to the Louisiana Insurance Department. The proposal would increase the homeowners insurance rates for some parishes, while […]

A federal judge ruled that an immigration lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security could go forward as a class action suit. The immigration lawsuit alleges that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, a division of DHS, detained undocumented immigrants in unsanitary and inhumane conditions. The class-action status will allow immigration attorneys more time […]

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