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In a study recently released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), it was noted that more than 1 MILLION individuals obtained lawful permanent residency in the United States in 2011, with the combined number of foreign born individuals living in the country being estimated at 12 percent of the total U.S population. Despite these figures being quite high, it’s important to understand that the immigration process can be a complex, time consuming endeavor, that often greatly benefits from the experience and skills that a reputable U.S immigration lawyer can provide. The team of attorneys at Arguello Law Firm can provide that experience and those skills to help guide you or your loved one safely through the lawful U.S immigration process. You can even read about some of our attorneys’ immigration history in the following blogposts:

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The Types of Visas Available

Due to the different needs of American businesses and individuals, the US Government offers a variety of immigration visas to suit these requirements. Some of these Visa types include:

  • A Type Visas (Diplomatic / Foreign government official)
  • B Type Visas (Business / tourism visitor)
    • B1
    • B2
  • F Type Visas (Foreign student visa)
    • F1
  • H Type Visas (Work visa)
    • H-1B
    • H-2B
  • K Type Visas (Fiancee of US citizen)
    • K1
  • O Type Visas (Extraordinary ability in sciences, education or athletics)
    • O-1A
    • O-1B
    • O-2
    • O-3
  • P Type Visas (Entertainer / reknown artist)
    • P-1
    • P-2
    • P-3
    • P-4
  • TN NAFTA Visas
  • US Work Visas

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Basic Visa Requirements

As each Visa class is often tailored to suit a specific industrial or personal need, there can be a variety of requirements in order to be eligible to apply for a particular type. Some of the most basic requirements can include:

  • Being able to provide an original copy of their birth certificate
  • Two passport photographs
  • Ability to pass a physical / medical exam (including tests for tuberculosis)
  • A college degree or high school diploma (if you have graduated)
  • Immunization records
  • School records
  • Any documentation to prove that you have been living in the US (utilities bill, cell phone bill and similar)
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Credible character references
  • Proof that you are able to work

While there can be many reasons why people immigrate to the United States, it’s often due to the opportunities to provide a better quality of life for the applicant, and / or the ability to rejoin family members that are already living in the country.

How Long Does The Application Process Take?

Due to the volume of applications that the US Naturalization & Immigration Service processes each year, most visas can take between 12 to 60 months (one to five years) to process – with many applicants not being permitted to work during that period of time. With this in mind, it’s important for applicants to have a strong network of people that they can rely on while their application is being reviewed. In many cases, the applicant will look to those people (which are often family members) to help them maintain an acceptable quality of life until they are able to work legally in the United States.

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