A proposal for a new construction defects law in Colorado has spurred debate along party lines. Democrats in the Colorado State House of Representatives want to include provisions for affordable housing, while Republicans want to limit the number of construction defects lawsuits for the state’s home builders. The bill, labeled SB 177, passed through the […]

A new Arizona law may present more challenges for homeowners who wish to file construction defects lawsuits against home builders. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a law that would prevent attorneys and expert witnesses in construction defects cases from having their fees covered in a jury verdict. The new law also gives the home builder […]

ATTENTION: Arguello Law Firm no longer accepts Lumber Liquidators cases. UPDATE: Please view a list of the affected laminate flooring products below. If you or someone you know has installed any of these laminate flooring products, please contact Arguello Law Firm for a FREE consultation. You may have only a limited time to file a claim, […]

A professional home inspection often servers to find any home construction defects of which the buyer must be made aware prior to completing the purchase. Home inspections have become more popular in recent years, as 95 percent of purchased homes underwent an inspection in 2013, compared to only 75 percent twenty years earlier. While most […]

We recently had a client retain us to handle their construction or home defect claim against Perry Homes. The home was built around seven years ago—which would make you think that it’s too late to pursue a home or construction defect claim.  However, it is not.  In fact, in this case, our client is not […]

When you move into a newly-constructed home, you often expect that the house is fully functional, inside and out. If a problem does occur, you may expect to contact the builders and ask them to make repairs under the terms of the home construction warranty you purchased. Many first-time homeowners assume that the builder will […]

Very few joys in life can compare to that of moving into a brand-new home. In contrast, few horrors can equal those involving homeowners who have tried and failed to force homebuilders to fix home construction defects. Even as news over hidden home construction defects reaches the mainstream, homeowners are encountering more and more issues […]

What is a construction defect? Virtually any condition that lowers your home’s worth can be perceived as a construction defect. What’s the best way to prove that a defect even exists? In most cases, you will need to call on the services of an industry expert. There are myriad types of experts that might be […]

How do I know if a construction defect exists? It is difficult for anyone who is not an expert to detect construction defects. However, defects like window leaks, roof leaks, stained or cracked drywall, ponding (unwanted pooling of water), standing water in basements or crawl spaces, soil heave or settlement, cracked foundations, slabs or flatwork, […]

What You Need To Know About Construction Defects Construction defect claims often reveal many pitfalls with regards to determining fault and coverage. The severity, difficulty, and amount of work from construction defect claims continue to rise. Because of this, claims managers find it necessary to turn to dynamic people and ideas to handle the details […]

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