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With a proud history of providing comprehensive legal counsel to personal injury and insurance victims throughout the Unites States, the law offices of Arguello Law Firm can help to fight for your MAXIMUM compensation amount.

In an effort to illustrate this point, we would like to take a moment and share a collection of testimonials that have been kindly provided by some of our clients:

September 2019:

“Thank you for doing an awesome job. Words can’t thank you enough for helping my family on such a short notice. Thank you again.” -KM

May 2019:

“I can not say enough wonderful things about the Arguello Law Firm. Martin and his team went about and beyond to help with a very time sensitive custody issue. They kept me informed every step of the way helping me make the best decisions possible. I would highly recommend Martin for any family law needs, their kindness and efficiency have won my business for any of my future needs.” -CS

March 2019:

“We could not be happier with the results that Mr. Arguello got for us. Through the whole process his office kept us updated. If paperwork needed to be signed they offered to send someone over to our house to make it easier for us. They worked closely with the contractor to ensure that the insurance adjuster was not cutting any corners. If you feel your insurance company is trying to take advantage of you, Mr. Arguello levels the playing field.” -RW

January 2019:

“By the way your a great attorney but an even better person. Thank you for working so hard for us.” -SH

September 2016:

“I am so happy that Arguello worked hard to get me and my husband some money. I am grateful that Nishi dedicated time to fight for our case. If in the future I need help with anything else, I will definitely contact Arguello.” -MSM-Reyna

October 2015:

“Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and dedication in finalizing the _____ for me.

Again, please thank your staff for assisting me.” -Annie

June 2015:

Ginger Underwood and Martin Arguello after the resolution of Mrs. Underwood’s Hurricane Ike wind and Flood cases.

May 2015:

Another happy client

April 2015:

“We are very happy because we didn’t expect anything from the claim.  We are also very thankful for Mr. Arguello doing a great job.” -M. & R.

“Jennifer has been very nice and I am pleased at the wonderful job y’all did for me and I’d like to thank y’all for  your time and patience.” -S. Ellis

March 2015:

“I think you guys were great, I filed 2-3 times on my own and was denied and I decided to have y’all handle it for me, and you got me paid. I’m very pleased with everything y’all have done for me.” -Jason

February 2015:

“I was very satisfied with how well our attorneys assisted in filing her claim and how diligent they were.” -L. Williams

“Although I was hesitant about the process because of the language barrier I was very happy with the way that you explained things to me every time that you spoke with me.” -J. Avila

“I’m very pleased with the attorneys service. My case was resolved sooner than I thought. I was having a lot of issues with my insurance company but Arguello stepped in and helped me out!” -J. Juarez

“Thank you for all the work you did. I was feeling intimidated and almost given up yall made this so easy and bearable. And I will refer anyone who needs similar help without hesitation. You are rockstars.” -T. Gandhle

“I really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you for your help. Happy holidays and God bless you all.” -N. Rios

August 2014:

“Dear Mr. David Christoffel,

I am so very grateful to you for helping me with the horrible; and what I was sure to be a hopeless situation, with my rental property. I was going deeper and deeper into debt because my property was destroyed to the point where it was unlivable. I have been unable to rent it since 2013. Now, with the money you have win for me from the insurance company, I can begin to become whole again.

I will highly recommend you to any one, who might be going through unfair issues with their insurance company; as I know you will fight for what is right, and win.

Thank you again!
Forever grateful,” –L. Ehresman

“Your representation on my case was awesome. I cannot believe how quickly my case was resolved and how I will soon have a new roof that my home deserves. When we spoke on the phone you were very professional and only looking out for my best interest. I am so impressed and glad you and I pursued this matter and have it settled.  Thanks again.” -Y. Rivas

July 2014:

“I was very pleased with the services your firm provided to me.” -Dr. M Scott

May 2014:

“Hello David,

It has been truly a pleasure working with you from the time you started handling our case at Arguello Law Firm, PLC. We have been thrilled in getting answers promptly, calls returned within a few hours which we have not seen in the past before you took over our case. We truly appreciate your eagerness to work on our case and have an amicable resolution for us during mediation.

Thanks again for your hard work and we would be happy to recommend you to anyone needing legal advice. Kindly call us if you need anything else.

Thanks and Best Regards,” -S Muzumdar & Y Arya

January 2014:

“Despite the issues on the insurance part you guys did everything to the best of your ability, and I would definitely consider going through your firm for a will” -Y. Silmon

“Everybody did all they could to help me, I was very satisfied with the help and you actually exceeded my expectations.” -D. Shepherd

“I was very pleased with your assistance, I was beginning to get hopeless and I would have gotten nothing if it weren’t for y’all.” -W. Naylor

November 2013:

“It went very well I got my house fixed, I went in the right direction getting you to represent me, you were very helpful.” -C. Rodelas

“I don’t have a lot of money and your firm has treated me with respect and high importance.” -T. Wisely

“Your firm was fast and efficient.” -R. Rodriguez

“I really liked your firm, you handled the hurricane Ike case wonderfully and anytime I have an insurance case I will definitely call you. I refer you to anyone who is need of representation.” -R. Harvey

“I was ecstatic. The firm looked after me personally. I wasn’t just a name or number. Everyone I spoke to treated me personally. They looked out for my best interests.” -M. Fort Naborne

“Bonnie Leiby was wonderful and I could not have asked for better representation from y’all.” -M. Hernandez

“Estoy muy satisfecha con Arguello Law Firm y el servicio que dan, los recomiendo ampliamente.” -Anonymous

“I am very satisfied with Arguello Law Firm and the service they provided, they have my ample recommendation.” -B. Lopez

“You guys were done quick with my case. I was pleasantly surprised. I was worried I was going to have to sell my home but you guys came through and were great.” -R. Krause

“Everyone was very helpful and always updated me on the process of my case. I was very happy with the outcome of my case and how it was handled.” -D. Johnson

“Y’all handled everything in a business manner. I was impressed and happy with your service.” -S. Fleming

“Y’all have done a very good job. I am pleased with your services. Y’all have been very patient with me.” -J. Ellis

“Once Martin Arguello handled my flood claim, he got it done and did a good job.” -D. Ferrell

“I want to thank everyone associated with this relief. Thank you all for being patient & consistent will all the emails, phone calls, etc.” -K. Hobbs

“I wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done. I know my claim was not a significant amount but it was important to me to be heard. Your firm did that for me and I appreciate it. Thank You for your help.” -A. Williamson

“I was not involved in the process. There was no fighting and I was only contacted when they had a settlement for me.” -R. Bush

“I thought you were thorough and I was pleased with the outcome.” -K. Collins

October 2013:

“I was pleased with what y’all did for me I would not have been able to get anything near what I received if I had not had you representing me”. -M. Smith

“Absolutely pleased with your representation, it’s so hard to find representation as a plaintiff and I was just so grateful and thankful for you taking my case”. -M.Smith

“Oh yeah, y’all were very good and you exceeded my expectations.” -R. Segura

Sept 2013:

“Alison is one of the nicest and most efficient persons. Talking to her on the phone is a pleasure. Anytime I spoke with her was always a kind interaction. I really hope you all know how appreciated she is. Thank you Alison for your kindness!” –B Senemmari

July 2013:

“To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Eugene R. Allen and I have a house on Sabine Lake in Port Arthur, Texas.

I retained the services of Arguello Law Firm to represent me in settling with my insurance company after the storm Hurricane Ike in 2008.

I was really pleased with the settlement that they were able to negotiate on my claim and I would highly recommend their firm to others in the future.


-E. Allen

“It was painless and I didn’t have to do anything… Your firm did a great job.” -J. Andrus

“I was very pleased with your representation and currently refer potential clients to your firm.” -Anonymous

“Arguello Law Firm exceeded my expectations of representation. I am pleased with your representation and am satisfied with the end result of my settlement.” -R Avilla

“I was more than pleased with your representation on my Wind Ins case. Arguello Law Firm established a great relationship and I’m happy with their consistent contact throughout the course of settling my claim.” -I. Bocarando

“Mr. Christoffel, I was really taken back yesterday by the way you handled the settlement funds. You could have kept the settlement funds all for yourself, but instead you forwarded it to me, as your client. Any other attorney I ever used would have kept the funds for himself.


April 2012:

“We are very grateful for your help in caring for the property damage incurred at our country home as a result of the fire. Your professionalism is to be applauded. When Goliath challenged David, attorney David Christoffel was victorious; I feel that we succeeded with divine assistance. We were totally helpless against the stingy insurance company until we retained Arguello Law Firm. I pray God’s blessing on your fine family.

Thanks again.” -F. Rivers

“These recoveries and testimonials are not an indication of future results. Every case is different, and regardless of what friends, family, or other individuals may say about what a case is worth, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they apply to the law. The valuation of a case depends on the facts, the injuries, the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties, and the testimony, among other factors. Furthermore, no representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.”

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