A state senator will propose changes to Wisconsin medical malpractice law that will remove limits on which family members can file claims. The current Wisconsin medical malpractice law only allows spouses, minor children and parents of minor children to file wrongful death claims. State Sen. Nikiya Harris Dodd (D-Milwaukee) plans to propose a bill that […]

The advent of social media sites has allowed people to promote every aspect of their life in front of the world. From jokes to job promotions, from dinners to dates, every social media user posts their news on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But how do couples in the midst of a legal […]

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A federal judge recently dismissed an Arizona immigration lawsuit filed by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and conservative activist Larry Klayman. The suit claimed that President Barack Obama overstepped his constitutional authority in his recent changes to immigration policies. U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell, an Obama appointee, threw out the Arizona immigration lawsuit and disputed […]

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A recent ruling by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has rescinded a long-time exemption for cruise ship medical malpractice lawsuits. The ruling came in the case of a passenger who had died on a cruise ship in 2011 after the ship’s medical staff neglected to care for his head injury. The decison revokes […]

Pilar Biggers Sanders, the ex-wife of Pro Football Hall of Fame player Deion Sanders, was sentenced to seven days in jail for a Texas child custody violation. According to Mr. Sanders’ attorney, Rick Robertson, Mrs. Sanders committed the Texas child custody violation by failing to return the children to Mr. Sanders’ custody after a weekend […]

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A federal judge in Pennsylvania issued a 38-page memo that declared President Obama’s changes in immigration policies unconstitutional. Judge Arthur Schwab’s remarks on the the President’s immigration policies stemmed from a case involving a Honduran immigrant who had been deported in 2005, but returned to the U.S. and was subsequently arrested on drunk driving charges. […]

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A Dallas-area neurosurgeon faces a Texas medical malpractice lawsuit for his incompetent performance of several spinal surgeries. The Texas medical malpractice lawsuits also cite Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano and the Baylor Health Care System as defendants, claiming that they promoted Dr. Christopher Duntsch’s practice and referred patients to his spinal surgery center. The […]

The news of President Obama’s executive orders regarding immigration reform has sparked attention from law enforcement agencies across the country. While law enforcement officials in some states have pursued aggressive policies toward undocumented immigrants, others view the President’s actions as an opportunity to create a dialogue between their offices and community groups. Immigration reform was […]

A woman involved in a Texas domestic violence against her ex-husband was shot and killed just hours after her grandson’s birthday party. Tosha Pruitt, 44, came to Dallas to see her two-year-old grandson when her ex-husband, Rodney Keeton, Sr., shot and killed her in her car. Mr. Keeton has reportedly been involved in a series […]

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Former Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn is facing Texas child abuse accusations from his ex-wife. Marina Ginn filed an Emergency Motion to Modify the Parent-Child Relationship in Williamson County District Court this past October. Ms. Ginn cited her concerns about her ex-husband’s escalating drug use, erratic behavior and violent outbursts. In her affidavit, she alleges […]

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