Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan recently announced his plan to reduce auto insurance rates for city residents. The plan, which he calls “D-Insurance”, could cut auto insurance rates for Detroit residents by as much as one-third. The plan comes in response to state laws requiring that insurers provide full medical coverage for anyone who suffers an […]

A recent report implies that a proponent of a failed Texas homeowners insurance reform bill asked Governor Greg Abbott to “personally intervene” on behalf of his organization. The report shows emails between Texans for Lawsuit Reform CEO Richard Weekley and Governor Abbott regarding a measure that would make it more difficult for policy holders to […]

While millions of Americans celebrate the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allows same-sex couples to marry, another decision affected couples in Texas seeking a same-sex divorce. Last week, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the state attorney general did not have the standing to appeal the divorce of a same-sex couple. The ruling upheld […]

The Department of Homeland Security announced changes to its illegal immigrant detention policies regarding female immigrants with minor children. The changes will allow women and their children held in illegal immigrant detention facilities to pursue their claims for protective asylum in immigration courts. The women and their children would be allowed to stay with relatives […]

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A Virginia man won a medical malpractice lawsuit after a recording of his procedure revealed that the doctor and anesthesiologist made insulting remarks and falsified his medical records. The man, who was identified only as “D.B.” in court documents, filed the medical malpractice lawsuit after he listened to a recording of his colonoscopy. The recording […]

A spokesman for a consumer watchdog group has spoken out against the use of credit ratings in calculating auto insurance rates. Robert Hunter, a representative for the Consumer Federation of America, said that the practice of determining auto insurance rates by evaluating a policy holder’s credit history is “not fair” and “undermines safety.” The Washington-based […]

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An Oregon homeowners insurance lawsuit seeks to change an insurer’s practice of not providing policies for homeowners who use pit bulls as service dogs. The homeowners insurance lawsuit alleges that Travelers Insurance discriminated against Portland-area homeowners who use pit bulls as service animals. Investigators with the Fair Housing Council of Oregon found that the insurer […]

Parents who engage in unconventional sexual behavior often have that behavior used against them by the other parent in their child custody case. While parents in same-sex relationships have been among the most notable instances of such scrutiny, even the actions of heterosexual parents can bring a negative impact on a child custody case. Parents […]

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A study from Syracuse University has found that more than 77,000 Texas immigration cases were still working their way through the legal system. The number of Texas immigration cases has increased by nearly 60 percent in just under two years. The only state with a higher immigration case backlog is California, with over 89,000 cases […]

The New York State Assembly passed a medical malpractice reform bill that would extend the deadline for patients to file a lawsuit. The bill passed by a vote of 99-23, with support from both Republican and Democratic Assembly members. The medical malpractice reform bill goes on to the state Senate, where it could face opposition […]

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