A woman in Colorado was reportedly arrested three times in one week for driving under the influence. Kimberly Micheloni, a 40-year-old office manager for the Internal Revenue Service, was arrested for the third time on May 20 and charged with driving under the influence, careless driving and two counts of contempt of court. She was […]

A bill proposed in the Senate would require the Internal Revenue Service to turn over debt collection records on back taxes to private collection agencies. The provisions of the bill would call for all “inactive tax receivables” to be assigned to private debt collection companies if the IRS is unable to find the owing taxpayer. […]

During the last week of April, devastating tornadoes ripped through the South, killing at least 36 people.  That next week, AHA employees in Alabama, directly affected by the tornadoes and wanting to help their community, launched what is now known affectionately in all of the offices as “Casual Friday for Charity.” Attorneys and staff are […]

All the recent hailstorms lately—Denton, Frisco, Dallas, Killeen, McAllen, Eagle Pass, etc.—have reminded me of an issue I’ve been meaning to blog about for quite a while. I first ran into this “patching” or roof repair issue when I was working as an independent insurance adjuster for State Farm and USAA.  We would be instructed […]

The United States Supreme Court’s recent decision to pass on reviewing a city ordinance that prohibits the renting homes to undocumented immigrants could affect the status of similar immigration laws in other parts of the country. The ordinance in place in the small town of Fremont, Nebraska, requires that renters apply for a permit, pay […]

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I noticed about a week ago that all the males in our Houston office were sporting goatees. Are we starting a new trend or just following the herd

http://www.theonion.com/articles/how-to-prepare-for-hurricane-season,35966 As the Onion article above shows, we must always keep hurricane preparedness a priority.  Our most prized possessions are depending on it! Actually, almost all homeowners policies have a very low sublimit for collectibles.  If you really do have a collection of rare items, firearms, gold, coins, stamps, etc., it’s worth discussing it with […]

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A new report from the Center for Responsible Lending shows that debt collection cases have been on the rise in recent years. The report shows that one-seventh of all Americans have become the targets of companies that buy debt from other sources. The report also cites the unregulated nature of the the debt collection industry […]

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