Largest automotive recall in U.S. history issued in response to hundreds of reports of injuries and deaths linked to Takata Airbags! Texas is a “top-priority” state for the NHTSA! Nationwide recalls have been issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) affecting nearly two dozen vehicle brands and several millions of vehicles with Takata-made […]

A recent study found that renters often pay higher auto insurance premiums than homeowners with similar driving records. The study, authored by the Consumer Federation of America, found that the average auto insurance premiums for renters were 7 percent higher than those for homeowners. The study also showed that some companies charge renters as much […]

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Most new car buyers look at several factors when purchasing a vehicle, from aesthetic concerns such as body design and paint color, to practical aspects such as fuel mileage and safety record. One factor they are often unaware of is the relationship between the car they choose and its impact on their auto insurance premiums. […]

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Insurance carriers have increased their reliance on technology and connectivity to determine how much their customers pay for their auto insurance premiums. These systems, known as “telematics”, transmit data from the policy holder’s vehicle to the insurance provider. The provider then processes this data to calculate auto insurance premiums each year. While some providers in […]

When most drivers file an auto insurance claim, the claim stems from damage due to a collision with another vehicle. But what happens when the damage comes from a storm, a fire, or falling tree? While most homeowners insurance policies include coverage for storm or fire damage, the same coverage does not often apply to […]

Nearly every driver has been involved in an accident. Regardless of which driver was at fault for the accident, each driver must submit an auto insurance claim to their respective providers. However, some providers may refuse to honor a legitimate claim. Others may choose to underpay claims or deny parts of the claim. When this […]

A Florida state legislator proposed repealing the state’s personal injury protection auto insurance, also known as “no-fault” auto insurance, by 2019. State Representative Bill Hager filed the bill as a means to combat fraud in the state’s auto insurance system. State Senator Jeff Brandes filed a nearly identical version of the same bill in the […]

A recent report showed that nearly one out of every four Oklahoma drivers do not have auto liability insurance coverage. The state law, which also applies to motorcycle riders, requires that drivers purchase auto liability insurance policies for their vehicles. The lack of liability coverage for these drivers can cause problems when they are involved […]

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A study by the Consumer Federation of America found that auto insurance rates for drivers in minority neighborhoods can be as much as 70 percent higher than drivers in white neighborhoods. The study found a discrepancy in auto insurance rates between minority and white neighborhoods in both urban and rural areas. A press release from […]

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Thousands of Maryland drivers have filed complaints with the state’s insurance board against State Farm over unfair auto insurance rate increases. The complaints state that the auto insurance rate increases were due to accidents where the policy holders were found not to be at fault. Some complaints have also claimed that the insurer raised their […]

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