A professional home inspection often servers to find any home construction defects of which the buyer must be made aware prior to completing the purchase. Home inspections have become more popular in recent years, as 95 percent of purchased homes underwent an inspection in 2013, compared to only 75 percent twenty years earlier. While most […]

A new report from the Center for Responsible Lending shows that debt collection cases have been on the rise in recent years. The report shows that one-seventh of all Americans have become the targets of companies that buy debt from other sources. The report also cites the unregulated nature of the the debt collection industry […]

Debt collectors have taken the leap from business to industry. Many are using time and labor saving techniques to increase their calling capabilities while reducing overhead. The use of automated dialing systems and recorded messages help the debt collectors to ensure that their employees will always have a live call on the line. Many of […]

If you’ve been the victim of false adverse credit reports, you should know that you have recourse. The Fair and Accurate Credit Reporting Act sets out the obligations a credit reporting agency and a furnisher of credit information in regards to investigating a disputed transaction. For example, a credit reporting agency and furnisher must perform […]

Around 2009, Skechers U.S.A., Inc. introduced their “Shape-Ups”, which are work-out or toning shoes with a rocker sole or rocker bottoms and have a thicker than normal sole with a rounded heel. The construction of most varieties of rocker sole shoes mean that the wearer’s body weight is shifted behind the ankle and the wearer […]

In March 2013, a California jury ordered Johnson and Johnson to pay over $8.3 million in damages to a Montana man who sued the company over their now recalled ASR XL Acetabular metal-on-metal hip replacement. The jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay the plaintiff, a retired Montana prison guard named Loren Kransky, $338,000 to […]

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