The proof is in the pudding or in this case Target’s Quarterly Reports. Recall that over the holidays 110 million Target customers’ personal information was compromised. In what is being called one of the largest data breaches in history, Target’s headquarters confirmed that in addition to the 40 million customers whose credit and debit card […]

MtGox, Bitcoin’s once largest exchange falls silent amid rumors of poor accounting and widespread theft. Around 8 PM CST 2/24/14, MtGox’s website went dark. This comes almost 2 weeks after halting Bitcoin withdrawals from the exchange, all the while assuring account holders that the problems prompting the halt were being worked on and near resolution. […]

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Are you being harassed by debt collectors? Texas consumers are currently facing an onslaught of abusive debt collection practices by debt collection companies. Dealing with debt collectors can be intimidating, not just because they sometimes use intimidation as a tactic, but because you may not fully understand your legal rights in regards to what debt […]

Early this afternoon, the Justice Court Precinct 3, Place 2 in Brazoria County Texas heard cause FEV02577, Freo Texas LLC vs. Martin Arguello. Freo, the landlord, despite an ongoing suit in district court, filed this “Forcible Detainer” action against me. Basically, the landlord alleged that I failed to pay rent. However, Freo failed to tell […]

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If you are a permanent resident of the United States and are thinking about applying for U.S. citizenship, the first question you might ask is why bother applying in the first place? There are significant fees involved and it does require a lot of documentation. However, by becoming a U.S. citizen, you gain many rights […]

This week, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the last remaining appeals to the BP Medical settlement ( the economic settlement, which has been paying claims for over a year, the Medical Settlement could not begin compensating victims until all appeals were resolved. Our firm represents over six hundred sick and injured clean up […]

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A judge in the 346th district court in El Paso, TX struck down an insurance company’s attempts to conceal documents requested under discovery. The Defendant claimed these documents were privileged and protected, though the Judge did not agree and granted Plaintiff’s motion to compel.

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