Tenants in the West Texas city of San Angelo are encountering a new problem as the economy climbs its way out of recession: a rise in evictions. Tenant disputes with landlords over rising rents, higher late fees and increased demand for housing have prompted the local constable’s office to hold a seminar discussing the rights […]

Early this afternoon, the Justice Court Precinct 3, Place 2 in Brazoria County Texas heard cause FEV02577, Freo Texas LLC vs. Martin Arguello. Freo, the landlord, despite an ongoing suit in district court, filed this “Forcible Detainer” action against me. Basically, the landlord alleged that I failed to pay rent. However, Freo failed to tell […]

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What are the responsibilities of my landlord? Landlords are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the safety and maintenance of building. Landlords must make strives to provide basic living necessities such as cold/hot water, in addition to making repairs. Can you name some tenant responsibilities? Pay the rent punctually. Keep your dwelling in good, clean […]

Minor Inconveniences Unless your lease clearly says so, your landlord is under no general duty to fix your apartment. Small inconveniences and minor repairs are not legally the responsibility of the landlord unless he or she has agreed to make such repairs. The agreement to make repairs is not required to be in the lease […]

How to Negotiate a Settlement With Your Landlord For most landlord issues, you’d usually be better off initially trying to resolve disputes directly with your landlord, instead of throwing legal action in their face immediately. However, if relations are so tense that no meeting seems possible, or you’re unsuccessful in reaching an agreement with your […]

Need Fast Help With Landlord, Lease, Or Eviction Issues? Arguello Law Firm Commercial Late Fees Attorneys In Houston Will Help You Defend Yourself Against Greedy Landlords Who Are Out To Take Advantage Of Your Lack Of Knowledge Of Your Rights. If you feel you’ve been treated unfairly by your landlord, or think that you are […]

Arguello Law Firm Attorneys Help With Commercial Late Fees in Landlord-Tenant Disputes It’s no surprise that your landlord has the right to charge a reasonable late fee if you pay rent after the due date as per your rental agreement. If you do not pay your rent on the due date or within the grace […]

Texas law treats commercial leases a little differently.  The legal question regarding commercial late fees is whether the late fee is “a reasonable forecast of just compensation.”  That is, whether the late fee is a reasonable estimate of the harm the landlord would actually suffer from the rent being paid late.  It can be hard […]

Have you ever been a few days late on rent? Did your landlord charge you a late fee? If so, your landlord may have broken the law, and you could be entitled to a refund and other relief. Residential Late Fees Texas law treats residential and commercial leases differently. For residential leases, a late fee […]

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