Wild weather patterns are expected to drive up homeowners insurance claims across the country. Winter storms in New England, some of which dropped a foot or more of snow across the region, are expected to produce a record number of homeowners insurance claims. The melting snow may also produce a high number of flood and […]

A study by the Pew Research Center found that undocumented immigrants make up more than one-quarter of all workers in the farming, fishing and forestry industries. The study found that 26 percent of workers in these industries fit the study’s definition of “unauthorized immigrant.” In some states, the number of undocumented immigrants in these industries […]

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A major concerns for Texas divorcing couples with children is the amount of child support in Texas the non-conservator parent must pay. The methods for calculating child support in Texas are relatively simple. However, the procedures surrounding the implementation of a payment agreement can be complex. While the non-conservator parent may look for ways to […]

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A new Arizona law may present more challenges for homeowners who wish to file construction defects lawsuits against home builders. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a law that would prevent attorneys and expert witnesses in construction defects cases from having their fees covered in a jury verdict. The new law also gives the home builder […]

A Florida couple filed a multimillion-dollar medical malpractice lawsuit alleging that their obstetrician’s use of a vacuum pump during delivery resulted in their child’s mental disability. Robert and Melissa MacDonald filed the medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Samuel Kaufman, a Boca Raton obstetrician. The MacDonalds claim that Dr. Kaufman improperly used a vacuum pump to […]

An undocumented worker has filed a lawsuit against a former county sheriff alleging that he offered to help her change her immigration status in exchange for sexual favors. Andrea Favela, an undocumented worker from Mexico, stated that former Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd offered her money and assistance in changing her immigration status. The […]

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AHA was proud that our recent Casual Friday for Charity donations towards Houston-based Pratham USA contributed towards Pratham’s goal of providing education for millions of underserved children and youth across India.

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ATTENTION: Arguello Law Firm no longer accepts Lumber Liquidators cases. UPDATE: Please view a list of the affected laminate flooring products below. If you or someone you know has installed any of these laminate flooring products, please contact Arguello Law Firm for a FREE consultation. You may have only a limited time to file a claim, […]

The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced that Kentucky residents will see higher flood insurance rates this year. Residents in the flood zones in Cumberland County will not only pay more in flood insurance premiums, but both residential and business property owners will also pay additional renewal fees. The changes will also expand the flood zones […]

Hundreds of women will receive shares of a $5 million medical malpractice settlement after they were implanted with unapproved intrauterine devices. An estimated 700 women will receive around $3,800 each, while the first women to file the suit will receive an additional $30,000 each. The medical malpractice settlement came after a class action suit against […]

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