Divorce is never easy, even under the most amicable of circumstances. Thousands of couples every year find out that, despite their best efforts, they can’t make their marriages work. Many of these couples never prepare themselves for the possibility of divorce. They often don’t know what to do, where to go or how to start […]

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A professor of medicine at the University of Illinois published two papers stating that medical malpractice award caps do not significantly lower health care costs. Professor David Hyman co-authored the papers that examined the relationship between medical malpractice award caps and health care costs. One of the papers found that award caps had no effect […]

A Texas fatal accident involving a train and a prison bus has prompted the state legislature to call for a review of prison transport methods. The Texas fatal accident took place on January 14. Ten of the fifteen passengers on a Texas Department of Criminal Justice bus died when the bus struck a train. Several […]

A report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that half of all arrests by federal officials were immigration arrests. The report showed the number of immigration arrests rose from 84,749 in 2009 to 85,458 in 2012. The report shows that these arrests were largely concentrated around the U.S.-Mexico border, with 60 percent of all […]

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A Texas domestic violence case has reportedly resulted in the deaths of a woman and her three children. Jonathan Camacho, 23, was charged in the deaths of his wife, Dulce Cumpean-Camacho, 23, and the couple’s three children. Police identified the children as four-year-old boy Zavier, one-year-old girl Ciara and two-month-old girl Faith. All four reportedly […]

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Last week, the Republican-led House of Representatives voted on amendments that would cancel many of the protections offered to undocumented immigrants by President Obama’s immigration orders. House members voted to add the amendments to a $40 billion spending bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security. The amendments approved by the House were prompted by […]

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After the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that medical malpractice damage caps were unconstitutional, some of the state’s lawmakers are pursuing ways to reinstate those limits. Republican legislators and business groups want the medical malpractice damage caps reinstated on both civil injuries and on punitive damages. The lawmakers want to create a constitutional amendment that would […]

The ex-wife of an Oklahoma oil tycoon received a handwritten divorce settlement check for over $974 million. Sue Ann Arnall, the ex-wife of Continental Resources Chief Executive Office Harold Hamm, deposited the divorce settlement check for $974,790,317.77. The staggering amount represents the balance of the couple’s divorce settlement from November 2014. Mr. Hamm had previously […]

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A Florida medical malpractice lawsuit accused a Tampa-area doctor of dispensing “potentially lethal” doses of several powerful prescription drugs. Dr. Edward Neil Feldman was accused of prescribing drugs such as the anti-depressant Valium, the muscle relaxant Soma and the painkiller oxycodone in heavy doses. The heavy doses mentioned in the Florida medical malpractice lawsuit reportedly […]

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