A Texas immigration lawsuit filed this week seeks to prevent six Syrian refugees from finding new homes in Dallas. The Texas immigration lawsuit names both the federal government and an international nonprofit as defendants. The suit claims that terrorists could be posing as refugees and that bringing in families who have been fleeing from the […]

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A recent report showed that nearly one out of every four Oklahoma drivers do not have auto liability insurance coverage. The state law, which also applies to motorcycle riders, requires that drivers purchase auto liability insurance policies for their vehicles. The lack of liability coverage for these drivers can cause problems when they are involved […]

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A notable actor/comedian’s impending divorce has also revealed a bizarre child custody case involving a seven-year-old South African girl the couple raised for several years. The girl has lived with the actor and his now-estranged wife since she was six months old. The core of the dispute in the child custody case stems from the […]

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Homeowners in tremor-prone states, such as California, understand the need for earthquake insurance as a supplement for their standard homeowners insurance policies. However, residents in other states are quickly realizing that protection from earthquake damage does not come with their regular coverage. Oklahoma residents are reportedly seeking out earthquake insurance after a series of tremors […]

A statement from the U.S. Justice Department revealed that the agency reached an immigration lawsuit settlement with the McDonald’s restaurant chain. The immigration lawsuit settlement involved accusations against the fast food giant of discriminatory practices against immigrant employees. The settlement stems from an investigation into how the restaurant chain treated immigrants classified as “lawful permanent […]

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The Tennessee Medical Association has petitioned the state’s General Assembly to amend the state’s constitution to include medical malpractice award limits. The planned amendment would place medical malpractice award limits on non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering and punitive damages. The amendment would require passage in the current General Assembly in 2016, a two-thirds […]

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A study by the Consumer Federation of America found that auto insurance rates for drivers in minority neighborhoods can be as much as 70 percent higher than drivers in white neighborhoods. The study found a discrepancy in auto insurance rates between minority and white neighborhoods in both urban and rural areas. A press release from […]

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A California homeowners insurance legal challenge seeks to stop any proposed rate increases by State Farm. The homeowners insurance legal challenge, filed by the group Consumer Watchdog, claims that State Farm should cut their rates by double digits. The suit comes as a challenge to the company’s proposal to raise its homeowners insurance rates by […]

Even under the best of circumstances, divorce can be a harrowing process. From the emotional impact of a lost relationship, to the logistical nightmare of dealing with the court system, almost no aspect of divorce is easy to handle. One of the biggest issues many divorcing spouses face lies in dealing with their financial situations. […]

An investigative report from an Ohio television station revealed how some doctors and hospitals hide medical malpractice incidents from patients. The report showed how thousands of disciplinary actions against physicians, many of them including medical malpractice cases, are kept hidden from public access. The report also examined how physicians and hospitals are allowed to keep […]

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