Unpaid Homeowners Insurance Claims Frustrate MA Residents

by Martin Arguello

Several homeowners in Massachusetts are still dealing with unpaid homeowners insurance claims from last winter’s storms. The state’s Attorney General’s office had received nearly 100 complaints about home insurance companies in the past year. Dozens of these complaints involve unpaid homeowners insurance claims from winter storm damage. Some complaints include allegations that insurers have underpaid legitimate claims, while others involve delays in paying claims or unfair denials of documented claims.

Details of an Unpaid Homeowners Insurance Claim

A Boston TV station investigated one of the reported unpaid homeowners insurance claims. Bridget Mastandrea, a single mother of three children from suburban Boston, cited the unpaid homeowners insurance claims on her home. Heavy accumulations of ice led to severe leaks in her kitchen and bathrooms. She received three bids from local contractors, ranging from $183,000 to $245,000. When she submitted the middle bid to her insurance provider, Vermont Mutual, the carrier agreed to cover $56,000 of the nearly $200,000 in repairs.

Negotiations Over Unpaid Homeowners Insurance Claims

Ms. Mastandrea told the local TV station that she did not have the amount that would cover the unpaid homeowners insurance claims. For nearly a year, she and her children have lived in a small apartment as the negotiations continued. Meanwhile, her house still sits unrepaired. She attempted to negotiate with Vermont Mutual over the unpaid homeowners insurance claims. The insurer raised the amount it would honor in the claim, but the new amount still left Ms. Mastandrea $30,000 short of what she needed for the repairs.

Delays and Denials in Unpaid Homeowners Insurance Claims

Without the difference in the unpaid homeowners insurance claims, Ms. Mastandrea has yet to start the reconstruction on her house. She told the local TV reporters that “working with the insurance company takes so long.” She also said that the time between negotiation sessions regarding the unpaid homeowners insurance claims can stretch out as much as six weeks. She also voiced her frustrations with the lack of progress in the negotiations, stating, “I don’t get a lot of answers to my questions.”

How to Handle Unpaid Homeowners Insurance Claims

A statement from the Attorney General’s Office advised homeowners on how to deal with unpaid homeowners insurance claims. The statement included advice on documenting damages, saving receipts and maintaining notes on conversations with insurance company representatives. The statement also advised homeowners to avoid giving in to pressure from insurers on accepting their offers regarding unpaid homeowners insurance claims. The AG’s office also advised homeowners not to sign documents they did not fully understand and to get legal advice for their cases wherever possible.

Source: MyFoxBoston

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